Album Review – İstanbul'a + Remixes
Trndmusik - Germany
"Istanbul’a" is a song written for the ancient city Istanbul that evokes timeless questions: Can one ever leave behind one’s home? Can one ever truly arrive at a home that was once abandoned yet never quite forgotten? The original version of this haunting track is a dreamy meander through a labyrinth of marimbas and harps, orchestrated delicately by Santi and brought to life by Tuğçe’s ethereal voice. Santi & Tuğçe first released an extended version of this track in 2017 in the aftermath of political events that filled the city with grave uncertainty, much like the current moment in which we find ourselves. Even more so than at the time of its original release, today „Istanbul’a“ captures a widespread sentiment of liminality and uprootedness that echoes all around and gains new meaning in our world as we ask: Can we go back to a past that is long gone? Will things ever be the same again? Remixes from KMLN, Herrhausen & Treindl and Dunkelbunt Along with Santi & Tuğçe’s revision of their original "Istanbul’a", this EP features three brand new renditions. KMLN blends elements of deep tribal house and minimal techno into the original track that is bound to bring the heat to the dancefloor, while Herrhausen & Treindl’s approach yields an equally danceable, yet more laid-back euphoria. The EP ends on a climactic note with Dunkelbunt’s version featuring his signature transglobal electronic-instrumental sound that is full of energy, swing and a sense of eclecticism that is as layered as the ancient city Istanbul itself.