Album Review – Alquimia Solar
Trndmusik - Germany
trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP? Santi: The inspiration came at different points in time. For „Neptunio“, I wanted to experiment with the idea of producing a fast track with a calm and meditative feeling. I was listening to Martin Roth’s “An Analog Guy in A Digital World” on repeat those days, really enjoying the smooth retro analog synth sounds and wanted to try similar soundscapes on a track. Mercurio came to me all at once during an intense all-nighter production session. Those days, I was working on Terminal Caribe, our latest Santi & Tuğçe album which has quite a happy and colorful vibe. Even though I like to think of myself as being mostly cheerful and optimistic, I cannot help but observe the vast amount of darkness that surrounds us. Maybe it was this feeling that kept me awake all night materializing this track. Later I finalized the form of Mercurio with Tuğçe Kurtiş, I tend to add too many layers. Tuğçe then ensures the tracks become more minimal and dance-floor ready. Where did you record it? And how? I produced „Neptunio“ mostly on the road and „Mercurio“ in my home studio in Berlin. I finalized and mixed both tracks in my home studio. How did you get in contact with the record label? Andreas from Amselcom reached out to me on Soundcloud after finding some of my sounds online. He asked if I had any unreleased tracks. I sent him „Neptunio“ which he really liked and asked me for a second track. I created a second track that was more similar to „Neptunio“, but once I sent the first version of „Mercurio“ to Andreas, he immediately decided in favor of „Mercurio“ as the second track for this EP. How do you like the remixes? I’m very happy with the remixes. Geplantes Nichtstun’s remix is so beautiful, elegant but it also gets dark with twisted synth lines and intricate sound modulations. Acid Pauli’s remix is great for the dancefloor, crisp, bouncy and a bit faster than the original. What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects? Right now I’m working with Tuğçe Kurtiş on a new live set for our Santi & Tuğçe act. The new live set will include the colors of „Alquimia Solar“ and feature some recently released and many in-progress sounds. We will play this set at Mensch Meier as part of the release party of the EP along with Geplantes Nichtstun. I’m also working on a new Santi & Tuğçe album which will feature a Jazz trio (piano, double bass and drum set) with voice and electronics.