Album Review – Songs For My Grandmother Remixes – Review
Outtallectuals – UK
Souq Records assemble an army of veterans to give this amazing release from Tuğçe Kurtiş and her long-term collaborator, Santi the re-vamp it has deservedly earned. The duo’s original work was and exemplary honest bridging of cultures, in this case Turkish and Paraguayan folk music, and these remixes take the scope of reinterpretation and cultural collaboration across the globe. Starting from Acid Pauli’s haunting atmospheric rendition of Yıldızların Altında gives glistening meaning to being ‘Underneath the Stars’, while San Miguel, Alvaro Suarez and Anatolian Sessions, Rodrigo Gallardo and Alizarina bring their blends of modular-feeling slow techno and house music to the table. The EP also features two unexpected yet welcome representations, in the form of the oud guru, Spy From Cairo and his reworking of the original into his signature, and Drumspyder’s more wub-heavy and percussion-led rendition. Overall, there is a refreshing amount of experimentations inside and outside the downtechno genre’s general reach, and this marks a truly varied experience overall.