Album Review – Terminal Caribe
Trndmusik – Germany
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Santi & Tuğçe release an album! "Terminal Caribe" will be released on S & T Records on June 15th, 2019. We talked with the duo about the longplayer. trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the album? Santi & Tuğçe: We had the initial idea for the theme and some of the tracks of this album back in 2015. Since then, we have had a lot going on, both musically and life-wise, so we started the production process in January 2019. We completed the recording and production of all tracks in Spring 2019, so while the idea of the album has been living and traveling with us for quite some time, the final shape and sound of it are quite fresh. How did you choose the title of the album? Is there a special meaning behind it? What inspired you to produce the tracks and album? The initial inkling for this album first emerged while we were waiting at the “Terminal Caribe” bus station in San Jose, Costa Rica. We arrived at Terminal Caribe station in the early hours of the morning, and while waiting for our bus to appear and take us to the Caribbean Coast, we began singing a melody that later became the first song of this album. That was in 2015. Since then, we have been on the road, changing locations and going through various life transitions, so we eventually decided to turn “Terminal Caribe” from a bus station into a tropical space station. We describe the album as a “space-sea odyssey exploring the deep interrelations between music, movement, and memory”. The music and lyrics are at once deeply personal and reflective of our own journey through music, yet simultaneously tell a universal story about cycles of human movement that are quite pervasive in our times. Moreover, human migration, displacement and replacement are crucial features of Caribbean history. So while our album is not about “Caribbean” music specifically, we use this rich history and location as a point of departure into a wildly varied world of sound and storytelling. Where and how did you produce the tracks? We wrote the melodies and lyrics in different parts of the world at different points in time (Istanbul, Costa Rica, Atlanta, Asuncion, Berlin) but recorded and produced all tracks in the new S & T studio in Berlin. How was the feedback so far? We have yet to release the full album so we are also curious about the feedback. Terminal Caribe is quite different from our previous releases, but consistent with our eclectic and innovative approach to music-making in general. Recently we released the first single Oye! from the album, which has been very well received. Each time we include some of these tracks in our live sets or share tracks with close tracks, we notice the audience lighting up, dancing and even singing along, which make us very happy. How and why did you choose the record label? Like the majority of our music, we decided to release this album independently via S & T records. The two of us take care of each and every detail of the production and release process. What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects? We have new tracks in the making, an upcoming EP via Amselcom, new album ideas and collaborations in mind. We also want to take “Terminal Caribe” on tour both in Europe and the Americas in the near future.