Album Review – Terminal Caribe
In Search Of Media – UK
Santi & Tuğçe are an excellent duo who have released some stellar electronic music over the last few years. The Paraguayan and Turkish producers have come through with a beautiful new album titled Terminal Caribe, with groovy electronic rhythms and stunning melodies. Tracks like “Wandering Song” features a smooth vocal performance that is complemented by hypnotic electronic grooves. “Coco Astral” has heavy, tribal percussion with synths and a bassline that’s just hard-hitting and beautiful. The tracks are influenced heavily by Turkish electronic music, with subtle grooves within the synth melodies that give out an eastern music vibe. “No Return” is another standout track, with gorgeous vocals and a great energetic beat. Alegria features JPattersson and is a colourful 8 minute track with wind and horn sections giving the record different, jazzier type of melody that isn’t necessarily present on the other records on this album. Santi & Tuğçe have released a meditative album that brings influences from all corners of the globe. Terminal Caribe is a phenomenal new album that deserves to be heard!