Santi & Tuğçe
In a world of constant change and chaos, it is becoming clear that the established narratives are no longer working. What we need now, perhaps more urgently than ever, are new stories to fill the void: stories that can connect and inspire us with a shared vision. Santi and Tuğçe are here to weave new myths for our times in a language that most directly touches the human heart: music. Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) and Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) left their homes to follow their dreams of music and have been road companions and musical partners for more than a decade. Currently based in Berlin after many years of living in the US where they first met, they each bring a vibrant mosaic of influences and ideas from all over the world: soulful melodies, colorful instrumentation, dreamy harmonies, and surgically engineered dance-floor beats, informed by years of Santi’s training in music composition and computer science along with Tuğçe’s studies in jazz vocals and creative writing. Rooted in the richness of diverse cultural and musical traditions, and motivated by a constant pulse for open-minded inquiry and innovation, Santi & Tuğçe reclaim the power of music to express something essential about human experience. In between moments of intense power and exquisite tenderness, their music entices you to awaken your senses and imagination, while their lyrics provide a remembrance of the everlasting human journey with currents of love, leaving and returning home, longing for places and ancestors long gone, adventures to imaginary lands on a sea-spaceship, and near-future dystopias where self-aware, compassionate robots abound. In short, the tales that Santi & Tuğçe tell are fluid and ever-changing, filled with musical and literary creativity, revealing a breathtaking stylistic synthesis and reminding us of our timeless essence. To this date, they have performed in many major electronic and world music festivals, clubs, theaters, and concert halls throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and received critical acclaim worldwide (e.g. Oye! on NPR’s “Latin Roots: Best Alternative Songs of 2019”, Songs for my Grandmother among Beehype’s “Best Albums from Turkey” in 2017). In 2022, Santi & Tuğçe received the “Best Electronic Music Artist” Award at the prestigious 19th Radio Bogazici Music Awards in Turkey. These days Santi & Tuğçe are working on their new album that once again invites you to glance back, gaze forward, and remember always to fully embody the here and now.
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