Santi & Tuğçe

Santi & Tuğçe’s music is eclectic and innovative, with smooth, soulful melodies set to Global, Afro-Latin and Electronic dance floor rhythms. It is a sonic adventure that takes you all the way from a little town on the coast of the Black Sea to the shores of the Parana River. As Sounds and Colours magazine describes it, “it is a deeply sensual experience, one that is felt beyond the mind, and eyes; it playfully leaves you with a sense of the inexplicable, and fills you with wonder”. Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) & Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) have performed live in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Paraguay, Germany, Turkey and Croatia. They collaborated on five albums: Cíclico (2014), Songs for Another Day (2015), El Regreso del Gallito (2016), Songs for My Grandmother (2017), Music, the Only Way (2018) and released numerous singles. Their music has received critical acclaim from listeners worldwide. Thump Vice Brazil noted that with El Regreso del Gallito, “Santi & Tuğçe rewrote Paraguayan folklore” and Red Bull Music Academy Panamérika lauded it as a great production. Their latest album Songs for My Grandmother was featured on Cosmo Radio WDR, Trndmusik and selected as “one of the best albums from Turkey in 2017” by Beehype. Currently based in Berlin, Santi & Tuğçe have a new album planned for 2018.



Santi (Santiago Ferreira) is a composer, producer and multimedia software developer/ designer from Asunción, Paraguay. He is currently based in Berlin after living for more than a decade in the United States. Santi’s music draws upon elements of Afro-Latin and Middle Eastern Percussion, Western Classical Composition, Jazz Harmonization, and digital sound design. Rooted in the richness of diverse musical traditions that inform his musical palette, Santi’s productions weave together soulful melodies, captivating harmonies, colorful orchestration, polyrhythmic percussion, and deep bass lines with a keen sensibility for the dance floor. Santi’s musical journey began with song writing at age 12. In Paraguay, he studied jazz guitar, music theory and sound technology. He continued his studies in music composition and computer science at the University of Kansas (KU). During his time at the KU School of Music, Santi composed Spider Dances (clarinet, cello, flute, double bass), Sonetos (piano and tenor), and The Wild Flower Project (jazz combo and voice). To this date, Santi has produced six albums and numerous singles, independently and in collaboration with Tuğçe.



Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Tuğçe (Tuğçe Kurtiş) grew up with a love for music, especially music performance. At age 6, she joined the school choir and started singing. Since then, she performed in countless occasions in Turkey, Europe, the US, and Latin America. Tuğçe studied voice, jazz vocals, and West-African drumming with percussionist Milford Graves and singer & songwriter Sheila Jordan among others. Various listeners have remarked that her voice is “ethereal”, “something ancient, calling from the primeval darkness of fairytale.”  Tuğçe’s musical interests cross genres and continents. In addition to singing and recording in multiple languages, Tuğçe collaborates with Santi in song-writing and musical production. As the founder of the Kybele project, she develops opportunities for greater collaboration and broader inclusion of artists from around the world.